The Sherborn Business Association, a 501 (c)(3) organization, is happy to announce that the 2018 Brewfest was a great success and, thanks to your support, we were able to add to the SBA Community Fund. This allows us to continue to support the Sherborn Community through our grant programs for public projects - which help make this a great place to live and to work.

Sherborn non-profit organizations are encouraged to submit a Community Action Fund request by Nov 15, 2018.

2017 SBA Community Action Fund Grant Recipients

Sherborn Forest and Trails Association

To help fund the cost and supplies and equipment for the first installation phase of a comprehensive Sherborn Trail signage program

Sherborn Recreation - Field Improvements

Two dugouts at Jameson Baseball Field

Sherborn Historical Society

Update Website

Sherborn Library - matching grant

Sponsor the Makerspace, a collaborative workspace for making, learning, exploring and sharing, planned in the renovated library. Plans include VHS to DVD converter, sewing machine, metal stamping kit, gift wrapping station and a die-cut machine

Pine Hill Cemetery Fencing Project

Restore the black fencing around 3 ministers gravesites that was installed in 1857 when these ministers were placed in this position.  

Pine Hill School Community School Association

Sponsor World of Wonder performance at Pine Hill School

Boggastow Garden Club

Island beautification project at Maple & Washington Street.

Woodhaven Elder Housing

Central patio landscaping and beautification.

Sherborn Fire and Rescue Association

Support ongoing equipment needs

Sherborn Benevolent Society

Support their work in providing assistance to Sherborn residents in need

Sherborn Business Association’s Vocational Scholarship

Melissa Tyler to continue paramedic training

The Sherborn Business Association is organized for the following purposes:

  • To create a well-informed, charitable and effective organization dedicated to serve the many business and social needs of the community.

  • To strive to develop a better understanding of the purpose and benefits of  the local businesses.

  • To gather and distribute information to the membership regarding municipal laws, procedures and proposals.

Association Officers
President: Alex Dowse (
Vice-President: Ed Rose (
Treasurer: Claudia Rose (
Secretary: Natalie Weare (

P.O. Box 242, Sherborn, MA 01770